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Light persistence

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I am in existence
With light persistence
Tipoing to ensure
Small parcels of light
Come visit the obscure
Enough to delicately unveil
Encouraging to inhale
Up up and away
Raise your sail ~

Mia Leventhal

Today I am Reborn ~

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My thoughts yesterday on my Birthday of 50

At this time and place
I stand raw and naked
As in the day
I have been given
By Grace.

Having gone through
Mountains and valleys
Been Given glimpses
Of what I have thought
To be the light
I surrender all the
Striving and plight
I give up
What I have thought
Wrong or Right
I give in
To the one and only Might
The only True Light.
I receive
The honor
For I, my whole self
In every fiber of my being
To allow the Divine to shine through me
And bring forward
My Unique Ray
Of Spirit’s Light
Today I am reborn
Embracing this Beauty
And so it is
Mia Leventhal

And there Shall Be Light

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