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I wish to Awaken

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  • An older poem of mine I feel like re-posting as I feel it to be appropriate these days.

I wish to Awaken/Mia Leventhal

I wish to Awaken
I wish to break forth
And break through
This self inflicted fort

I wish to Awaken.

I wish to wave to the skies
Say goodbye to all those lies
Winking to the sun
Who brings me

Warm delightful fun.

I wish to look inside
Make peace with which coincides
And with a whip of a tide
Wash out that which
Limits my ride
Opening my heart once more

Beautifully fresh and wide.

I wish to Awaken
To the wonders of this life
Without fear, guilt or shame
I want to welcome all
That comes my way

knowing nothing will ever stay the same.

I want to grow expand and shine
knowing all will be just fine
Resting my head upon
The lightness
provided by the One
who looks over me,
The Divine.