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I Carry the Eternal Flame

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I shall not bow
My head in shame
For I carry the Eternal Flame
You may have tried to
Twist and own
But you cannot take
From me
What you have lost
along the way

I shall not bow
My head in shame
I shall Shine my Light
Stronger than ever
So that
You too
Can remember
Your Name/
Mia Leventhal

  • Note
    Hello everyone!
    To all those who have been used to following my writing here
    I am sorry I havent posted in a while
    My writing seems to have been directed mostly towards motivational articles based on messages I channel and create.These are posted regularly on my other blog:
    Otherwise I hope to gradually return to writing poetry as well and post here again
    Blessings to you all!

Odd Days ~ / Mia Leventhal

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Some days seem odd
Some events leave us wondering..perhaps even confused..
But the Universe ALWAYS has a magnificent plan.
Be what may,
There is always solace to be found
In that solid Home within
And Lay thy feathers
To rest
For yet another flight soon to begin ~