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I am the Star I have wished for ~

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full-moon-kahliya star

Within the search between
That which is True
And that which is Fake
I stay
I may shake
But I shall not break
For I am the Star
I have wished For.
Through this vessel
I have come from StarDust
To shine
And shed,
And Shine
More than ever before,
For my spark and all of my Brethrens core.
With the power of our Pure Light
We have the might
To Shine Together
And cease fight
Honoring our Creator
Who has allowed us the choice
May we find our true sight.
Calling All sparks of Creation
Let us glue back Together
And form that Star Kingdom
Shining back to the skies..

My Brother On the other Side I Love You – Campaign

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Whoooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo ❀ πŸ™‚
Im so excited!!!
Just Launched this campaign!
Please check it out
Ive searched for an idea for us to carry the message of Brotherly Love out there..and here it is!
Inspired by my poem β€œMy Brother on the other side”
β€œAakhda” has Now created Tshirts carrying the message of Love ❀
Revenues from these tshirts will help fund my project Aakhda dedicated to promoting the message of Love among ALL and will help further Aakhda`s project with my Palestinian sisters!

Thank you
Much Love ❀


I Know who I am ~

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For my upcoming Birthday in 2 days I received such a powerful affirming message from Spirit..
Yes ..
There is so much PEACE

In the Knowing of who you are

as a Divine Creation


Blessings to ALL

Much Love,


peace - Copy peace signed

One with Spirit

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