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We are all souls on a path of Evolution/ Mia Leventhal

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We are All Souls on a Path of Evolution/Mia Leventhal

We are All souls
On a Path of evolution
some make way
Some may stray
Some may throw their Own Darkness
Our Way..
May we connect to our inner Light
And Always Strive to Shine bright..Despite
May we find our Compassion
In the most Humblest Fashion
For in our inner seeds
We are One
With the Divine
And we will All eventually find our way back Home
To our Creator`s Shine .
May we Stand Tall
And Carry our own Splendor
Holding a Light in our Hearts
For All those who stumble
We shall No Longer Crumble.
Connected to All that is,
Holding the Space for us All to Heal,
Together we Are the LIGHT
Together we have the Might
We are our own Saviors
We are our own Creators
And So It Is

ReLaunch #My Brother on the otherside I Love You Campaign!

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Happy to Announce the relaunch of # My Brother on the other side I Love You Tshirt Campaign by Aakhda
Designed to carry the Message of Brotherly Love trespassing borders, based on the poem which I wrote as a result of the illusion of separation
and the ongoing violence going on All across the Globe.
My Brother on the other side/Mia Leventhal
My Brother on the other side
I have seen you fly
And you have seen me cry
We have nothing more to hide
Overcome the barriers of ignorance,
Created by our fellow people,
Hate in our hearts,
Will never reside
Hold my hand
And let us step up together,
Paving the way for a Brighter,
United Future.

I wish to offer us a possibility to carry a Message out there , Spreading our Love for the ”other” regardless of who he may be,
for we are All one big Family
Revenues from this product will help me fund Project Aakhda in which I am Dedicated to promote the Message of Love Among All.
View more about my project here:
Thank you for joining in spreading the message
We Are One
Much Love


1484178_678165742223141_1926243786_n*Image taken from my journey to the West Bank to see My Palestinian Sisters which I work with in Project Aakhda.

*Please Feel free to share the link to the campaign , Lets Spread the LOVE to All corners of the World!

My Brother On the other Side I Love You – Campaign

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Whoooooooooooohooooooooooooooooooooo 🙂
Im so excited!!!
Just Launched this campaign!
Please check it out
Ive searched for an idea for us to carry the message of Brotherly Love out there..and here it is!
Inspired by my poem “My Brother on the other side”
Aakhda” has Now created Tshirts carrying the message of Love
Revenues from these tshirts will help fund my project Aakhda dedicated to promoting the message of Love among ALL and will help further Aakhda`s project with my Palestinian sisters!

Thank you
Much Love


Tonight I Howl for Humanity

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Within this Void / Mia Leventhal

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Prayer for the New Moon Tomorrow ~

Please Hold a Light in your Heart for Me / Mia Leventhal

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I am your Enemy

Please Hold a Light

In your Heart for Me

I am Feeling Hurt

Ignored, Abused, Not Heard

I Know No Better than to Splurt

My Vision is Already Blurred

I am on a Roll

My Cup Already Full

No One Hears My Fear

Nothing anymore is Clear

I Have lost my Life

To Bitterness and Strife

I Need to be Saved

I am Feeling Caved

Please Hold a Light 

In your Heart for me

Please find a way

To Stop and Soothe me

I know That at some Bitter End

We will be too tired to fight

Please can you be a Friend

And Help us See the Light

Please forgive me

I am counting on you

Someone has to see whats true

Please Hold a Light

In your Heart for me

For I am but a Mirror

Of YourSelf

You See …

Please Hold a Light

In your heart

For Me


* Taken from My Site promoting Peace  Aakhda

I Dont care who`s right/ Mia leventhal

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Guess what?

I don`t care who`s right

or who`s wrong

I don`t care who did what

or to who you belong

All I wish to say

Is Violence will never be the way

Burst open your hearts

And see what you are so willing to dismay

We are all made of the same clay

You can not diminish

That which is in front of you

for you will both meet

Your mutual creator one day

Then what will you have to say..?

Lay down your weapons

And armored egos

wrapped in a thousand excuses

Sit down and talk today

There is always a way..