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This Wound/Mia Leventhal

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20180427_103242this wound signed


This wound
Shall Burst Open

Shall pour Love onto it

A sigh
Will Turn
To a cry
Will flow
As Golden Elixir
Washing away
The pain
From its debris

This wound will slide
Into the abyss
And turn to Bliss
For we have given it
Our Sweetest Kiss
From the Depths of our Souls
Blessed by the Divine
Never to be dismissed

This wound
Shall Heal
For we have
Poured our Love
Into it
You and I

I Carry the Eternal Flame

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I shall not bow
My head in shame
For I carry the Eternal Flame
You may have tried to
Twist and own
But you cannot take
From me
What you have lost
along the way

I shall not bow
My head in shame
I shall Shine my Light
Stronger than ever
So that
You too
Can remember
Your Name/
Mia Leventhal

  • Note
    Hello everyone!
    To all those who have been used to following my writing here
    I am sorry I havent posted in a while
    My writing seems to have been directed mostly towards motivational articles based on messages I channel and create.These are posted regularly on my other blog:
    Otherwise I hope to gradually return to writing poetry as well and post here again
    Blessings to you all!

Happy New Year 2017!

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May this year
Bring us
To Cherish and Adhere
To all that is Sacred and Dear
May we all
Meet there
Love is Near
Happy New Year ! ♡
Much Love


Dear God

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Light persistence

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I am in existence
With light persistence
Tipoing to ensure
Small parcels of light
Come visit the obscure
Enough to delicately unveil
Encouraging to inhale
Up up and away
Raise your sail ~

Mia Leventhal

Today I am Reborn ~

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My thoughts yesterday on my Birthday of 50

At this time and place
I stand raw and naked
As in the day
I have been given
By Grace.

Having gone through
Mountains and valleys
Been Given glimpses
Of what I have thought
To be the light
I surrender all the
Striving and plight
I give up
What I have thought
Wrong or Right
I give in
To the one and only Might
The only True Light.
I receive
The honor
For I, my whole self
In every fiber of my being
To allow the Divine to shine through me
And bring forward
My Unique Ray
Of Spirit’s Light
Today I am reborn
Embracing this Beauty
And so it is
Mia Leventhal

I want to know God ~

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20160422_170831 know God sgnd.jpg

Eternally Evolving ~

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20160512_170646 signd.jpg

Eternally evolving
Doors revolving
Devoted to solving
Barriers dissolving..
/Mia Leventhal

Gently Diving in ~

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Gently diving in
Untying all the knots
Releasing all the plots
Allowing the flow
Of my Creative 
Divine Wine 
To Shine*

Mia Leventhal

Stepping into this Vast Space ~

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Stepping into this Vast Space/Mia Leventhal 

Stepping into
This vast space
I know I will be held
By the hands of Grace .
Even as I do not see
I know
Ye shall
Hear my plea.
To thee
I am the Honey 
I am the Bee .
I am the Whole 
Of Creation 
Within me.
With all of my fragility
There is nothing
More Sacred to Be…