Old Wounds

low finit

Being in tune with your emotions and giving them the space allowing them to surface

is a crucial part of our coming into the wholeness of our being, allowing whatever comes up to heal is an important part of our soul evolution, ridding ourselves of stagnant density, allowing more of our light to come through.
It is a recurrent process, allowing more and more Darkness to fade and more and more connection to our light.
We should not despair coming upon these moments, which are definitely not easy and filled with pain, rather embrace them and create the most possible comforting space for ourselves to allow this process, for in doing so, we are loving ourselves as we wish to be loved and as we wish to love others.This love is exactly what is needed for each and everyone of us to be able to heal and evolve, as individual beings and as a human community on a larger scale.

Allowing this space is a very tricky balancing act, for sometimes we may find ourselves diving into our darkness and not finding the way out.
It is essential to be in total consciousness of the welcoming of these waves and their processes, while maintaining a high vibration of love to ourselves.This Vibration of love keeps us connected to our life source, keeping the vision of that which we love in our existence.

Do not lose your vision, your reality at these moments tends to take on a very dark veil camouflaging all the beauty around you, making it very hard to see the truth.
If you remind yourself all through what this is about,a wave washing through and over you, another opportunity to release the darkness in your life, it will be easier for you to stay connected to that light that is always there.
If you find yourself drowning, make a conscious decision to remind yourself of all the things that make you smile, of all the little things that carry beauty, of that which brings you passion, of your dreams yet to fulfill.Try touching in anyway possible fragments of those symbols for you, for some it will be artistic endeavors, for others it will the connection to nature and for others it will be listening to music or moving your body in some kind of physical activity or dance.
Even though at first it may be really difficult to find the energy to do any of these things, pushing yourself just slightly to re- experience even a tiny taster of any of these , will get you back connected to your drive and Life Force.. the road back to your fully charged battery is much easier from there, even if you take tiny baby steps..its all alright, dont judge yourself, before you know it you will be back thriving shinier than before, for you have allowed more darkness out the back door.. 🙂

Please do not for a moment feel ashamed at these phases, they do not mean you have to carry a label of disability. Do not worry about your surroundings not understanding you, its up to you to understand and accept yourself with love, after which it is much easier to create the space for you within your surroundings.
The more you accept yourself, the easier it will be for others to accept themselves..these processes are crucial for the evolution of our human family..let us first embrace ourselves and love ourselves to healing, for us to embrace each other.

Much Love
* Note: This card is included in the first set of  Kahliya`s “Soul Inspiration” Message cards offered at Kahliya`s online shop 🙂

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