In Silence

                                          Art by Mia Leventhal

In silence,

I speak to thee,
I know you hear me..
In silence,
I hear your call,
I shall not fall.
Savoring the moment, potent..
In  silence
I allow
the beauty
to enfold,
the crust
to lose hold,
and the greatest treasure
to burst out in pure pleasure.
In silence
I am one
and in stillness
I shall become
the great masterpiece
I was meant to be..

4 Responses to “In Silence”

  1. Amanda Bridget Griffin Says:

    Beautiful, love this space too!

    • Thank you Amanda! You are always invited to visit all my ‘spaces’,as you have aquired a warm place in my heart 🙂

  2. Such wisdom ❤ thanks for sharing yourself Dear 🙂

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